Design – Wilson’s

Wilson's custom Lego design render by Door County Bricks

Our Lego design of the timeless Door County landmark, Wilson’s in Ephraim.

About this design

This was another project design that was a long time coming. At our first Lego event recently, we had a lot of people asking us about doing Wilson’s. And here it is.

With our smaller project size, we weren’t able to make it as expansive as it probably deserves. So we decided to take one side of this corner shop and try to incorporate as many signature features of Wilson’s as we could.

Those primary features were the red and white stripped awnings and the Wilson’s and Coca-Cola signs above them. But before that, we needed to get the base and the building together.

For the building facade, we used the fence pieces as railings and started from there. We wanted to include that front step and still have room for minifigures either in front or on the porch area, too.

Unfortunately, the door and windows (both front and side) are a little hard to see in this render. But we’re hoping that when we get parts ordered and start building this, we’ll be able to showcase more of the detail in the actual photos themselves.

Project status: Not started

We’re finishing a few more designs before we begin ordering parts again, so this project hasn’t been started yet.  We’re hoping to get things going again in the next week or two as we wind down our last days of summer vacation.

Stay tuned for updates soon.