IRL – Anderson Barn

Lego family photo at the Anderson barn

A quick little Lego family photo we snapped in Ephraim last year near the very recognizable Anderson Barn. On a gorgeous summer day, no less.

We even took a little behind-the-scenes photo while we were at it, too.

Lego family photo at the Anderson barn

This was taken during the first summer that we brought our Lego family minifigures with us. It was fun to come up with different ideas each morning based on our itinerary for that day.

It’s also fun to think back to that summer trip in Door County. Back before we started building so many of our favorite traditions and memories.

A future project

The writing of names on this building at the Anderson Dock is yet another one of the recognizable spots in Door County. Even if someone doesn’t know or remember what the name is or why it’s there.

While it originally seemed tricky to replicate the colorful writing on the building, we think we have a design that’s ready to try out. We’ve added it to our project list and hope to have an update on a design soon.