Design – Analog Coffee

Analog Coffee custom Lego design by Door County Bricks

A Lego version of our newest favorite coffee shop in Sister Bay, Analog Coffee.

About the design

While Analog Ice Cream and Coffee has been in Sister Bay for quite awhile now, we just recently came across it. And of all things, it was during our weekend visit for the Sister Bay Brick Party last month.

Although not as big of a space as Blue Horse in Fish Creek, there’s still a lot going on at Analog Coffee. Aside from just coffee, they also have ice cream, which is one reason why they’re open much later than other coffee shops in Door County. That’s a BIG plus in our book.

Since there is so much they offer, we tried to incorporate as much as we can. We have the ice cream case to start with, although there wasn’t enough room to stand in front of it.

We also wanted to include the cooler on the back wall, too, which is a design element we haven’t done before.  Next to that is a small coffee maker and our standard barista bar.  That’s a lot to start with.

Next, we worked out the front counter, which included the space for both pastries and the register. With that, there’s just enough room for our Lego minifigure family to step up and place their order.

Project status: Not started

As we finish up a few more designs, we hope to be ordering parts again soon.  This project is a few back on that list, but we look forward to building this one soon.