Design – Cana Island Lighthouse

Cana Island Lighthouse Lego design by Door County Bricks

A custom Lego design for the iconic Cana Island Lighthouse in Baileys Harbor, Door County.

About the design

From a Door County design perspective, we just had to do a lighthouse. And if you’re going to do a lighthouse design for Door County, you just have to do the Cana Island Lighthouse.

From a Lego design perspective, there were two factors. First, there was already the official Lighthouse Point set from Lego. The second, was trying to fit our design into the 16×16 plate format that all of our other Door County Lego projects follow.

Well, I’m happy to say that, after a few design iterations, we couldn’t be more pleased with the result. Not only were we able to fit in a full size door, but we had enough space for windows and a sloped roof, too.

For the lighthouse tower itself, keeping it small was easy because of the round, white bricks. The top is what took longer to design, but considering the size we had to work with, we liked how it ended up.

The remaining design work was deciding what to do with the foreground of the design. The sidewalk came together nicely, and that left enough room for a little park bench, too. The grass in front of the building below the windows was the final touch that finished off this design.

Well, at least before our family minifigures, that is.

Project status: Completed

Once we finished this design, we couldn’t wait to build it. Luckily, the approval from Lego Mama to order the parts came pretty quick.

This project has been completed, and you can find photos in the Cana Island Lighthouse project post. Be sure to check out the photos to see how our Lego family is enjoying their day at the lighthouse.