Design – Lavender Field

Lavender field custom Lego design render

The lavender field is another lavender inspired design for Mama that has strong Door County ties.

About the design

It’s hard to resist the lavender signs and shops when you’re visiting Door County, if you know where to look. This design is loosely based on our visit to Fragrant Isle on Washington Island. It shares the familiar look of beautiful rows of fresh lavender that Mama dreams of whenever she rests her head in DC.

We toyed around with a few different designs for the individual lavender plants themselves. The ones you see in the design render are pretty much the ones we ended up with.  And while the rest of the design is pretty simple, you can see how simple was better here since the lavender was the center of the design itself.

The tree in the corner was also an intentional design element. We had a bunch of smaller trees on hand that we could have used. But instead, we wanted a bigger anchor element in the background, so we ordered a larger tree. It was a subtle difference, but one that we feel really has an impact.

Project Status: Completed

This project has also been completed, and came together pretty quickly since the design was simple itself. What was fun with the completed project was adding our family minifigures.

You can find photos and other details in our Completed Lavender Field project post.