Design – Sister Bay Bowl

Sister Bay Bowl Lego design render

Another favorite location for fun in Sister Bay featured in our Sister Bay Bowl Lego design.

About the design

From a recent New Years tradition of ours, Sister Bay Bowl was perfect for our project list. When the temps drop in the middle of winter, and night falls quickly, the fun is indoors. And a few games of bowling is right up our alley (pardon the pun).

There were a few other custom bowling alley designs we looked at initially. From there, it was looking at our own photos from Sister Bay Bowl and also photos online. We wanted to match some of the decor and details as best we could with our small scale constraints.

It was fun to match the design elements from those photos in our design. From the scoreboard on the wall to the wall pattern itself. We hope that anyone has been to Sister Bay Bowl could recognize those features in our design and smile.

Here’s another angle of this design:

Sister Bay Bowl Lego design render

Project status: Completed

This is one of our more recently completed projects, and you can find photos in our Sister Bay Bowl project post.

Once we added our Lego minifigure family to this scene, there was a lot of fun to be had.