Design – Hiking Trail

Hiking trail custom Lego design by Door County Bricks

A custom Lego design for a peaceful hiking trail like one you’d find in Newport Start Park near Ellison Bay.

About the design

We haven’t spent too much time on the many hiking trails in Door County, but we done a few hikes. Being surrounded by nature on trails like the ones in Newport State Park really help to disconnect you from everything.

This design came together quickly from various fronts, and in no particular order. One was the stream, which came from the smaller stream we in our Not Licked Yet design. Coming up with a larger version that went from front to back was a fun combination of blue and green wedge plates.

Once you have a stream, you need a bridge if you want a hiking trail, so that part came together shortly after that. There wasn’t a single point of inspiration for the bridge design, it just happened on it’s own.

Both tree designs were borrowed from two different official Lego sets that Christian had recently built. The one on the left came from the Romantic Valentine Picnic Lego set, with a few modifications on the tree limbs and the leaf colors.

The tree on the right came from the Mountain Fugitives Lego set, with a few modifications to the base. That same set also came with a log canoe for the fugitives, which we decided to turn into a log on land in the foreground. The final design even added a few branches to make it more lifelike.

Last but not least, we wanted to bring life to the water in the foreground. What better choice than those cute ducks from the Not Licked Yet design mentioned earlier? The detail of the forest and the duck started adding life to the scene even before we added our minifigures.

Project status: Completed

This project has been completed, and you can see photos in our Hiking Trail project post.

It was a fun one to build, partly because we were incorporating elements from existing Lego sets and our custom duck. Some of the wedge plates took awhile to arrive, but once the entire project came together, our Lego family minifigures could smell the fresh air.