Design – Steel Bridge

Steel Bridge Lego design render by Door County Bricks

A mini segment of the Michigan Street steel bridge in Sturgeon Bay.

About the design

Right away, we knew that our small scale form factor for our projects wasn’t going to do us favors here. Trying to do something like the Michigan Street Bridge in Lego form is always going to be large. So, we had to come up with a way to make it work for us.

We decided on just a segment of the steel bridge, including the walking path area, too. Unlike the plans for the Go Kart Track project, there wasn’t going to be room for mini cars on this bridge. But the walking path will give us a little area for our Lego minifigure family, since that’s an important part.

The last part that we needed to work out was the bridge beams themselves. While those upper supports are nice looking, we didn’t really have room for more than 2 on each side of the road. In a larger version of this bridge, it would look more like a traditional bridge with many more of those parts. But in our case, it was just enough to give us a sense of what it represents.

Project status: Completed

The project has now been completed. You can find more details and photos in our Steel Bridge project post.