Design – Island Lavender Store

Island Lavender custom Lego design by Door County Bricks

Our love for lavender continues with a Lego design of the Island Lavender store in Ephraim, Door County.

About the design

Although we can’t get to Washington Island on every one of our Door County trips, our lavender fix is never far away. That why we wanted to include the Island Lavender store in Ephraim as part of our project list. For us, it’s also super convenient because it’s right next door to our favorite pizza spot, Joe Jo’s Pizza.

As the head lavender fan in our family, Lego Mama approved the choice to do the storefront in this project. So we went with the welcoming front porch aspect of the store itself, as well as a mini version of the large awning over it.

For the awning, we’re still getting used to different angled shingle designs. So for this one, we went with the same design we did for the Anderson Dock project. In this case, we have shingles for both the awning and the roof, which was a nice touch.

Under the awning, we tried to keep enough space for some wooden chairs next to the doorway. We also tried an initial design for including vines on the posts for the awning. This will probably be something we tinker with more when we start building.

Lastly, we wanted to add a little greenery in front of the store itself. We threw in some leaf parts similar to what we did with the Door County sign project to represent a little grass. This, along with the flowers lining the walkway, are also things we might adjust when the building begins.

Project status: Not started

Just a few more designs to go before we start getting parts for everything. Although there are a few projects ahead of this one, Lego Mama is waiting patiently for us to get this one underway.